New research on advanced preclinical imaging system

Nature reports that MR Solutions' advanced preclinical imaging system helps researchers better understand the ageing processes

New Class II biological safety cabinet

Delivering superior performance for product, personnel and environmental protection, the Thermo Scientific Maxisafe 2030i Biological Safety...

Step-change in antibody discovery process

Advances in medical diagnosis and treatment are constantly evolving but developing a new procedure into a commercial, scalable process can...

New environmental chambers

Thermo Fisher Scientific launches new environmental chambers

Fluidic Analytics showcases protein analysis expertise

Fluidic Analytics will attend a number of events this Autumn to showcase its innovative technology for studying protein interactions

Exosome isolation and detection kits

AMS Bio has introduced a new range of proprietary reagents designed for researchers investigating targeted cancer therapy

Host cell protein ELISA detection kits

AMS Bio has launched a range of ELISA host cell protein (HCP) detection kits that allow users to detect the presence of host cell protein...

MALDI imaging in neurological research

The importance of MALDI imaging in revealing the complexities of neurological disorders. By Professor Masaya Ikegawa, Genomics and...

Heparan sulphate antibodies for HSPG research

AMS Bio has launched a range of high-quality heparan sulphate (HS) antibodies from F69-3G10, F58-10E4 and JM403 clones, which have been...

Spin column launched

Quick and efficient sample homogenisation for plasmid protocols

Samplix launches Xdrop

Samplix has announced the commercial launch of its Xdrop sample preparation products for PCR-free target enrichment yet maintaining...

Feeder-free medium for stem cell culture

AMS Bio introduces StemFit Basic04, a next generation feeder-free medium for the maintenance of Induced Pluripotent Stem (iPS) and Embryonic...

High-precision biosensors

Introducing new high precision Streptavidin 2.0 (SAX2) biosensors for GxP laboratories - developed and qualified for applications in...

The physiology of survival

New research shows that for bacteria, the neighbours co-determine which cell dies first

Microfluidiser offers effective cell disruption

Analytik reports on how the School of Biological & Chemical Sciences at Queen Mary University, London (QMUL) has been using a LM20...

Quartz bottom microplates

The Black Krystal UV quartz-bottomed microplate range from Porvair Sciences exhibit high optical transmission in the 185- to 1100 nm...

Real-time analysis of complex samples

Microsaic Systems, the developer of point of need mass spectrometry (MS) instruments, has developed proof of concept workflows to analyse in...

How to overcome ELISA issues

What are the five common Elisa experiment issues and how can we overcome them?

Understanding how natural killer cells are educated

Research from the Malmberg Lab at Oslo University Hospital and the Norwegian Radium Hospital Institute for Cancer Research (Norway) suggests...

Checkmate for hepatitis B viruses in the liver

Researchers at Helmholtz Zentrum München and the Technical University of Munich, working in collaboration with researchers at the...




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