Discovery improves understanding of early onset inflammatory disease

Scientists at the University of East Anglia have discovered a ‘constant cloud’ of potent inflammatory molecules surrounding the cells responsible for diseases such as thickening of the arteries and rheumatoid arthritis.

Scientists to investigate 'magic-bullet' cancer therapy

Scientists at the University of Sheffield will investigate a new ‘magic-bullet’ cancer therapy that exploits tumour cells’ greed for fat, following an award from Yorkshire Cancer Research.

South African daffodils may be a future cure for depression

Scientists have discovered that plant compounds from a South African flower may in time be used to treat diseases originating in the brain...

Feasibility of high-yield production of PASylated Biopharmaceuticals

Wacker Biotech and XL-protein have successfully completed a feasibility study on the production of PASylated therapeutic proteins using WACKER’s ESETEC® E. coli secretion technology.

The environment and pharmaceuticals and personal care products: What are the big questions?

Researchers at the University of York headed a major international review aimed at enhancing efforts to better understand the impacts of chemicals used in pharmaceuticals or in personal care products, such as cosmetics, soaps, perfumes,...



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