Siemens launches Artis one angiography system for universal use

At the upcoming annual conference of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) in Chicago, USA, Siemens will introduce a new...

Nanoparticles can overcome drug resistance in breast cancer cells

Nanoparticles filled with chemotherapeutic drugs can kill drug-resistant breast cancer cells, according to a study published in the scientific journal Biomaterials.

New substance effectively combats multi-resistant bacteria

In Europe alone, more than 25,000 people die each year from infections caused by multi-resistant bacteria. Researchers from University of...

IBM and Swiss Hospital test new tool for diagnosing cancer

IBM scientists are collaborating with pathologists at the University Hospital Zürich to test a new proto-type tool to accurately diagnose...

Molecular confirmation of genetic disorders: DiaSorin add extra value

End-of-year savings to be made on DiaSorin Blood DNA extraction kits for molecular confirmation of genetic disorders.

Quantum computers: Trust is good, proof is better

A quantum computer can solve tasks where a classical computer fails. The question how one can, nevertheless, verify the reliability of a...

NanoSciTech 2014

Panjab University is organizing an International Conference, "NanoSciTech 2014" on the theme, "Nanotechnology in the Service of Health,...

Keep up to speed with Lonza’s free Resource Notes™ journal

With the slogan “Science Doesn't Slow Down, and Neither Should You”, Lonza invites its customers to subscribe to the company’s free...

How the ‘smell’ of an ant can save a parasitic butterfly

A species of rare British butterfly whose larvae feed on the blood of a certain type of ant is being saved from extinction thanks to a...

Lab Innovations 2013 to almost double in size

When Lab Innovations - the UK’s only show dedicated to the latest laboratory technology & consumables, analytical & biotech equipment – returns to the NEC, Birmingham on 6 & 7 November the event will be 75% bigger, with over 100 of the...

New research tool means more patient-focused treatments

Patients across England could benefit from an increase in the number of focused treatment studies, thanks to a new tool being used in health research.

PS: It’s not cholesterol - Disease-related proteins carry surprising cargo

How our body processes cholesterol has a well-known impact on our health, but it turns out that another ‘fat molecule’ – or lipid – may be at the heart of some diseases which were thought to involve cholesterol.

Bacteria in drinking water are key to keeping it clean

Bacteria commonly found in drinking water creates conditions which enable other – potentially harmful – bacteria to thrive, says...

University launches search for ‘returning’ scientists

The University of York has launched an initiative to attract more scientists, who have taken a career break, back into the world of...

Understanding the effects of genes on human traits

Recent technological developments in genomics have revealed a large number of genetic influences on common complex diseases, such as diabetes, asthma, cancer or schizophrenia.

India Lab Expo

India Lab Expo is the biggest exhibition in South East Asia for laboratory, analytical, biotechnology, life science, material testing, and laboratory consumable products & Instruments.

Advances in Recombinant Protein Technologies

ELRIG have announced that registration is now open for its Advances in Recombinant Protein Technologies which this year will focus on redesigned synthetic systems. The 2 day symposium will be held at the Astra Zeneca’s Alderley Park Site...

A new player in brain disease and stroke

Research that shows how cells respond to brain damage may lead to a new treatment for stroke and neurodegenerative diseases.

Rising CO2 Levels: Not a toothless threat

Rising carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are having a catastrophic effect on microscopic marine life, according to top marine scientists at the University of St Andrews.




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