‘Two-in-One’ transilluminator launched

New transilluminator range provides both ultraviolet and white light illumination

New self-assembling nanoparticle

Scientists have designed a self-assembling nanoparticle that targets tumours

CMP invests in instrument to enable a wider range of studies

The CMP at the University of Copenhagen has expanded its capabilities with a second Attana system

Space-saving UV transilluminator

Ultra-Slim UV transilluminator conquers space! It measures only 11½ x 14 x 2¼ inches (29.2 x 35.6 x 5.7 cm)

CNS drug discovery specialist to present at biopartnering event

BioCrea to present at BioTrinity 2014 on 13 May in London

Gene editing technology licensed

Horizon Discovery licenses CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing technology from ERS Genomics

New range of filters and supports brought to market

Filters and supports for Life Science applications introduced by porous media solutions company

End-to-end sequencing

The latest sequencing technologies include automation tools that make the process faster and more accurate

Cellulase enzyme product hits the market

High-performance cellulase enzyme product for enhancing paper and textile quality

Versatile bench-top freeze dryer

New laboratory freeze dryer that combines development and pilot-scale capabilities in one bench-top unit

Advance in protecting mice from acid-mediated cholestatic liver injury

Lead compound in cholestatic liver diseases, A4250, protects against bile acid-mediated cholestatic liver injury in mice

Examining the light scattering behaviour of known promiscuous inhibitors

How a rapid method for detecting non-specific small molecule aggregation can facilitate compound screening

Human stem cell-derived neural progenitors & neurons

AMSBIO has introduced a new range of neural progenitor cells, and cerebral cortical neurons, derived from human induced pluripotent stem...

New serological pipettor improves liquid handling productivity

Building upon over 30 years of unmatched quality and hundreds of thousands of instruments in use worldwide - INTEGRA announces the launch of...

ÜberResearch secures investment from Digital Science

ÜberResearch, a technology company focused on providing data-led intelligence to providers of scientific research funding, has secured...

Plants use latex to harm and heal

Plants use natural latex in different ways, to help poison insects or rapidly heal wounds, a new study has found.

3D structure reveals protein’s Swiss-army knife strategy

The molecular machine that makes essential components of ribosomes – the cell’s protein factories – is like a Swiss-army knife,...

High-precision capillary tubes for scientific & industrial applications

Through their Ceramic and Glass Division, Goodfellow has introduced a new line of glass capillary tubes for use in specialised scientific...

Capillary Film Technology to launch new fluoropolymer micro capillary film at MEDICA

Capillary Film Technology will be launching a new fluoropolymer Micro Capillary Film (MCF) technology at MEDICA, which takes place from 20th...

Manufacturer sees the benefits of OEM Pump Head

Optimec, a leading manufacturer of soft contact lens measurement instrumentation collaborates with Verderflex for effective method of...




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