Study identifies “chink in the armour” of Schmallenberg virus

A key building block in the Schmallenberg virus could be targeted by anti-viral drugs, according to a new study led from the University of...

European Lab Automation 2013

SELECTBIO is delighted to announce that the European Lab Automation (ELA) 2013 Conference and Tradeshow will open its doors from 6 June.

Genes may travel from plant to plant to fuel evolution

Evolutionary biologists at the University of Sheffield and Brown University have documented for the first time that plants pass genes from...

Going beyond CHO

Mark Emalfarb details how to ensure efficiency in biologics production

Analysing peptide aggregation

Kinetic analysis of peptide aggregation. By Michael Drenski

Latest lab tools for DNA research

DNA sequencer uses naturally occurring light for ultra-precise positioning

Collaboration on next-generation AAV gene therapy

Sirion Biotech and Heidelberg University Hospital sign alliance deal for development of novel AAV capsids and technologies addressing shortcomings of clinical gene therapy trials.

Off-target testing assays

Samuel Altun & Teodor Aastrup on mapping the off-target interactions of therapeutic protein products

Adaptive bioprocess control

Sam Watts reports on progress in using metabolic activity profiling to optimise cell culture processes

Recombinant Wnt3a introduced

High stability recombinant Wnt3a for organoid culture

Research forum on regenerative medicine

Second Sartorius Research Xchange Forum focuses on regenerative medicine and cell therapy

Biotech firm expands technical ops

Orchard Therapeutics announces expansion of technical operations in California

Computer analysis fills gaps in antibody blueprint

Scientists from the Helmholtz Zentrum München use computer analysis to complete blueprint

Discovery of potent parasite protein

Research may lead to new therapeutic options for inflammatory bowel conditions

Scientists develop molecular code for melanin-like materials

Creation of these innovative materials could enable the development of a range of new cosmetic, skin care and biomedical products

Analysing and visualising data

Software enables bioinformaticians to add new methods via scripting

Bugs’ flair for foraging inspires quest for new smart therapies

Ocean bacteria's skill at finding their food could inspire the development of a new generation of friendly bacterial therapies programmed to...

Blood separation technology

BD Vacutainer Barricor Tube designed to enhance sample quality, improve laboratory efficiency and speed laboratory turnaround time

BioAscent expands compound management services

BioAscent Discovery has announced that it will act as the central hub of an open innovation initiative promoting natural products in life sciences 

ELRIG rebrands to reflect broader relevance

ELRIG announces name change to European Laboratory Research & Innovation Group




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