Biotech firm expands technical ops

Orchard Therapeutics announces expansion of technical operations in California

Computer analysis fills gaps in antibody blueprint

Scientists from the Helmholtz Zentrum München use computer analysis to complete blueprint

Discovery of potent parasite protein

Research may lead to new therapeutic options for inflammatory bowel conditions

Scientists develop molecular code for melanin-like materials

Creation of these innovative materials could enable the development of a range of new cosmetic, skin care and biomedical products

Analysing and visualising data

Software enables bioinformaticians to add new methods via scripting

Bugs’ flair for foraging inspires quest for new smart therapies

Ocean bacteria's skill at finding their food could inspire the development of a new generation of friendly bacterial therapies programmed to...

Blood separation technology

BD Vacutainer Barricor Tube designed to enhance sample quality, improve laboratory efficiency and speed laboratory turnaround time

BioAscent expands compound management services

BioAscent Discovery has announced that it will act as the central hub of an open innovation initiative promoting natural products in life sciences 

ELRIG rebrands to reflect broader relevance

ELRIG announces name change to European Laboratory Research & Innovation Group

Enhanced ultrafast laser for multiphoton imaging

New InSight DS+ delivers >1.2W output power with >600nm tuning range, <120fs pulses

Report on AFM system used at Swansea University

Swansea University uses JPK’s AFM system to study the structural, chemical, optical and electronic properties of materials on the...

Particle technology firm recruits new R&D staff member

Analytical and R&D services company Escubed adds polymer chemistry expert to its growing R&D team

UK particles technology expert wins award

Prestigious award from the Royal Society of Chemistry given to Escubed

IL-6R nanobody development deal wins European award

Ablynx wins Transaction of the Year at the 2014 European Mediscience Awards

Range of new Life Sciences products launched

Three systems announced by UK-based Life Sciences expert

Ocean crust could store many centuries of industrial CO2

Researchers from the University of Southampton have identified regions beneath the oceans where the igneous rocks of the upper ocean crust...

Cell passaging solution

Ying Nie, Patrick Walsh, Diana L Clarke, Jon Rowley and Thomas Fellner look at a new development in stem cells cultivation

The collagen cell carrier

Silke Busch looks at how collagen products produced for the food market have transferred to cell biology and biomedical applications

Bioreactors aim for versatility and reliability

The latest generation of bioreactors have smaller footprints, are more versatile, reliable and user friendly, and minimise scale up risks



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