Automated Cell-Based Screening

The BioCel System from Agilent Automation Solutions is a robust, high-performance automated platform that combines fast robotics with...

ProSpecT Enzyme Immunoassay

Easy-to-use, diagnostic tests for enteric infectious disease, caused by bacteria, viruses and parasites, require minimal hands-on time, are suitable for automated protocol and provide results in less than 2 hours.

Automated stem cell high content screening platform

Researchers at I-STEM have used a BioCel 1800 platform to automate high content screening of small molecules for muscular dystrophy therapeutic research.

ABgene Fast Block PCR Plate automation

ABgene Fast Block PCR Plate is now available with barcoding to enhance sample tracking in automated and semi-automated fast PCR workflows.

Automation analysis with the Pentra 400

Incorporating high quality patented technologies from parent company, HORIBA Group, the ABX Pentra 400 can undertake many different assays,...

Overlord2 SocketSet

Overlord2 SocketSet enables you to access a huge range of instruments from your existing laboratory automation application and use your existing scheduling software with any instruments in the extensive Overlord2 library.

ABgene Skirted Low Profile PCR Plate

The ABgene Skirted Low Profile 96-well PCR plate has been designed to make plate handling easier.

NYT Autosampler

PS-2X Microfluidic Plate Sampler Overview: The wellplate(s) or sample tubes are mounted in the work area and the dispensing needle is moved to and into the correct cell with easily remembered instructions.

Unique automated microplate mover

The Orbitor RS is a high-speed microplate mover offering proven, reliable performance with totally flexible plate handling.

Rapid mouse-monoclonal isotyping kits

Iso-Gold is a rapid-format isotyping kit that reduces the labour of the traditional ELISA protocol from a day-and-a-half procedure to a 5-minute assay.

Uniform and precise cooling of cellular samples

The mechanically refrigerated Bio-Cool provides a reliable, safe and quiet alternative to controlled-rate freezers that utilise liquid nitrogen as the refrigerant.

Hydrocarbon in Water Analyser

The ability to analytically quantify highly reactive volatile organic compounds in water is greatly enhanced with the Sample Transfer...

Synthesis systems for chemistry & process development

Radleys has chosen the forthcoming ACHEMA 2009 exhibition to launch a new generation of laboratory synthesis systems designed to enable chemists and process development engineers to get more for less.

Better process control

Scientists have developed an effective laser based method for the characterisation of the bulk chemical content of pharmaceutical capsules - without opening the capsules.

Sensitive drug discovery

Dynamic light scattering (DLS) technologies are evolving as critical automated tools in drug discovery because it is non-invasive,...

Overcoming daunting business challenges of a LIMS migration

To migrate or not to migrate? That is the question every laboratory information management system (LIMS) system administrator must face at some time or another.

New DNA sequencing

US company Solexa has completed its first genome sequence, that of the virus Phi-X174. The company announced complete genome coverage.

Syphilis diagnostic test ato ease microbiology laboratory workload'

One of the UK Government's goals for improving the diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infection (STI) is to reduce waiting time.

ACherry-picking' clones

Genetix Limited has announced the launch of QPDisplay ­ a dedicated picking and library management system that increases productivity by improving the reliability, precision and accuracy of the phage display process.

Blood biomarkers discovered for Alzheimer's disease

PerkinElmer Inc and Predictive Diagnostics Inc, a subsidiary of Large Scale Biology Corporation, have found a series of biomarkers that appear to differ in persons with Alzheimer's Disease compared with persons without cognitive impairment,...




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