epMotion music video

Eppendorf AG has scored a major hit with the epMotion music video, recording over 200,000 viewings in just four weeks since its release.

Solid phase extraction products

Agilent Technologies announced the availability of Agilent SampliQ SPE, a solid phase extraction product line for fast and cost-effective purification of extracts.

Urine chemistry analyser

The Clinitek Advantus Analyser is a highly productive, semi-automatic urine chemistry analyser that can perform up to 500 tests per hour.

Automated powder dispensing

The Powdernium workstation is an automated powder dispensing system that provides increased levels of performance, significantly increasing productivity and saving valuable sample preparation time.

Automated inhaler waste firing systems

The Walkaway Specialist is a line of fully automated solutions for waste firing of pressurised metered dose and multidose dry powder inhalers.

CD4 monitoring package

Guava Technologies announced a complete turnkey package for CD4 monitoring that requires minimum technical expertise to operate and obtain high quality results.

Compact automated workstation

The all new BenchCel R Platform from Velocity11 is the heart of a fast and compact automation workstation that can handle a range of...

Easy powder handling

The new Zinsser DryPette-Varix is a fast , hand-held and lightweight powder pipette that reproducibly and accurately dispenses solids and...

Automated Tube Capping

Micronic BV has introduced the Automatic Capmat Sealer a new device for producing a high integrity seal on 96-tube sample storage racks.

Capit-All Screw Cap Tube

The Capit-All Screw Cap Tube Capper/Decapper is a new automated system for removing and replacing 96-format screw-cap storage tubes.

Carousel 12 Plus Reaction Station

The new Carousel 12 Plus Reaction Station has been designed to provide a productivity tool that simultaneously heat or cools, stirs and reflux's up to 12 samples under an inert atmosphere.

Extract-N-Amp optimisation

Sigma-Aldrich is developing optimised protocols enabling Extract-N-Amp kits to join a growing range of Plug'n'Prep methods for Eppendorf AG's epMotion.

Low volume 384-well products

Porvair Sciences Ltd. has added a series of low volume 384-well products to its range of disposable Reservoir trays that are designed for use with any liquid handling system.



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