Monitor can be located 250 metres from base station

The MLS2000, from Monitherm Ltd, is based around an industrial PC with a current maximum of 128 radio transmitter sensors which can be located up to 250 metres from the base station.

Advances in the automated image analysis of particles and cells

Particle shape and function are intimately linked. However, because of the lack of a universal shape analysis technique, the exact relationship between the two has been hard to define. As David Higgs explains, new technology is now likely...

Environmental impact: the challenge for base station roll-out

Mobile operators carry signals to a handset through the airwaves via a network of base station sites, full of antennas and equipment. Next-generation mobile networks will demand far more such base stations, bringing with them a host of...

Power transformer design site demonstrates benefits of software automation

A new website to help engineers accelerate and improve the design of electrical power transformers and AC line reactors has been launched by Cobham Technical Services.

Huddersfield Royal Infirmary opens its new automated biochemistry laboratory

Huddersfield Royal Infirmary, part of The Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust , has opened its doors to a new multi-million pound Biochemistry Laboratory featuring an ADVIA® LabCell® automation solution from Siemens...

An environmentally friendly robot

Robots that decompose once they have reached the end of their mission could soon be deployed in the environment, thanks to a Research Project Grant of over £200,000 from the Leverhulme Trust.

3D characterization of powder gas stream improves process quality in laser material deposition

Scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT have succeeded in performing qualitative and quantitative characterization of the powder gas stream in laser deposition welding. The powder gas feed is an important parameter...

Queen’s is UK leader for female scientists and engineers

Queen’s has been named as the lead university in the United Kingdom for tackling the unequal representation of women in science and engineering.

Fast, precise and easy simultaneous transfer of 96 samples from microplates

An informative new video demonstrates many of the features and benefits of the INTEGRA VIAFLO 96 that have enabled labs around the world to accelerate their workflows.

Rapid automated scanning of rack barcodes

Micronic Europe BV, specialists in traceable sample storage solutions, announces the introduction of the new Tracxer BC210.

SOLATek 72 Multi-Matrix Vial Autosampler

Attain maximum throughput with 72-vial capacity, the highest quality sample pathway materials, and automated multiple additions for internal standard, surrogate and matrix spikes.

Fast and safe media preparation

Precise controlling and monitoring of process parameters during the sterilisation process guarantee media of constant high quality.

Voyager Pipettors

Introducing the most cost effective, intuitive, hand-held pipettors for automated fluid transfer between different labware formats: Viaflo's Voyager 8-Channel and 12-Channel Adjustable Spacing Pipettors.

Varioskan flash multimode reader

The flexibility of the Varioskan Flash, in combination with the LanthaScreen platform enables rapid application of TR-FRET technology to multiple target classes across a wide range of application areas.

Automated method for isolation of total RNA

The Strategene Absolutely RNA Microprep Kit allows high throughput isolation of total RNA from small samples of cultured cells.

Improving liquid dispensing productivity

Integra Biosciences has announced 2 new applications reports that demonstrate how it's programmable peristaltic pump - the DOSE-IT makes the automated dispensing of a wide range of liquids easy, efficient and accurate.

Fast purification of antibodies

Porvair Filtration Group has announced that a new range of BioVyon products are now available with immobilised Protein A for use in IgG antibody purification.

Consistent sub-microlitre dispensing

Velocity11 has announced a technical note that describes how sub microlitre dispensing is achievable on their Bravo and VPrep automated liquid handling platforms.

epMotion music video

Eppendorf AG has scored a major hit with the epMotion music video, recording over 200,000 viewings in just four weeks since its release.

Solid phase extraction products

Agilent Technologies announced the availability of Agilent SampliQ SPE, a solid phase extraction product line for fast and cost-effective purification of extracts.




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