AF4 platform used in groundbreaking research

Comparing methods to detect, size and quantify silver nanoparticles

New tool for in vitro hiPSC culture

AMS Bio launches 3d-iPSC Matrix

The end of life, live

Andrea Krumm explains how to monitor cell death in real-time

Perfect partners

Jan Barghaan explains why live-cell imaging and silicone objectives are the perfect match

Driving research forward faster

Olympus cellSens 2.1 speeds up image analysis with improved capabilities for flexible camera and microscope control

GPC system success

Regina Roemling describes a tool to determine the process property relations in polymers

How to choose an anaerobic workstation

Dr. Andrew Pridmore discusses the benefits of using an atmospheric workstation over traditional gas jars and what to look for when choosing...

Visual investigations

Report on composite material studies at TU Dortmund University (WPT) using an X-ray tomography tensile stage

Preventing STEC outbreaks in leafy vegetables

Dr. Rachel Noble explains how a recently developed molecular test for generic E. coli might be part of the solution

Reducing the risk of bio-contamination in gene, cell and CAR-T cell therapy

Dr Rolf Hansen examines how the latest isolator systems create aseptic working conditions for reducing risk and keeping gene, cell and CAR-T...

NMR-SEC combination success

The Polymeric Materials Group at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology used an innovative benchtop NMR system to develop new chemical detectors...

A helping hand

Step closer to creating the world’s first AI science assistant

Microscopy in freeze drying

Case study on the work of Dr Henning Gieseler in the field of pharmaceutical freeze drying

Continuous manufacturing achieved

Industry interview that explores how an innovative drug manufacturer is achieving continuous manufacturing in pharmaceutical production

AI methods in biotechnology

Andrew Williams investigates the latest projects that are bringing artificial intelligence to the biotech sector

Planetary spectroscopy advances

Andrew Williams explores new and emerging innovations in the remarkable area of planetary spectroscopy

Biomaterials research case study

Research group uses Deben's CT5000 stage with X-ray computerised-tomography to studybiomaterials

University of Manchester offers CT facility

University of Manchester offers Nikon Metrology CT facility for industrial inspection and academic research

Enhanced software modules

Zen Connect provides information from all dimensions of a sample

New automated gel doc system

Syngene launches automated gel doc system for busy labs



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