Science start-ups win funding

Accelerate@Babraham start-up competition: winners announced

New features added to cancer models platform

Platform is eliminating barriers for researchers in drug discovery

Analysis of nanoparticles in sunscreens

New application note from Postnova Analytics

New mode for SEM microscopes improves image quality

High resolution 3D block face imaging for biological samples with fast acquisition rates and minimal sample damage

New screening company

AMS Bio launches joint venture company for microfluidic screening

ELMI 2018 is success for microscopy experts

Photon Lines and partners showcase solutions at industry event

Diamond Light Sources celebrates milestone

7,000th paper published as result of research done at the UK's Synchotron

Assay services portfolio expands

Validated tissue bank and pre-collected immuno-oncology datasets speed up investigative research projects through to clinical development

Flow chemistry helps enhance biocatalysis processes

Case study shows merits of flow chemistry system

Boosting protein yields with new expression system

Polyplus-transfection launches new advanced system for transient protein expression in CHO cells

Innovative tissue analysis

Munich spin-off project receives Helmholtz funding

Collaboration produces new antibody for research

Abcam Merck collaboration produces new PD-L1 antibody for immuno-oncology research

Enhanced imaging tech

Zeiss launches new solution that provides information from all dimensions of a sample

Flexible flow chemistry system

New product launched for process research chemists

AF4 platform used in groundbreaking research

Comparing methods to detect, size and quantify silver nanoparticles

New tool for in vitro hiPSC culture

AMS Bio launches 3d-iPSC Matrix

The end of life, live

Andrea Krumm explains how to monitor cell death in real-time

Perfect partners

Jan Barghaan explains why live-cell imaging and silicone objectives are the perfect match

Driving research forward faster

Olympus cellSens 2.1 speeds up image analysis with improved capabilities for flexible camera and microscope control

GPC system success

Regina Roemling describes a tool to determine the process property relations in polymers



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