A new generation of microplate reader

Connectivity and user interaction are key features of an innovative multi-mode microplate reader

Study on allergic rhinitis reveals new risk genes

An international team of scientists led by Helmholtz Zentrum München and University of Copenhagen has presented the largest study so far on...

Target identification on living cells

The interaction of cells with the environment is crucial for their function within the organism. These interchanges take place at the cell...

Ultra-smooth mirrors enhance laser power density

Optical Surfaces reports on how high-power laser groups are benefiting from its ultra-smooth off-axis parabolic mirrors

Temperature-controlled microscopy used to study mineral deposits

The Natural History Museum uses temperature-controlled microscopy to study inclusions in mineral deposits

A new ‘periodic table’ for nanomaterials

New simulation could help scientists decide what molecules best interact with each other to build nanomaterials from scratch

New point-of-care diagnostic solution introduced

Abbott introduces new point-of-care test, the m-PIMA HIV-1/2 Viral Load (VL), at AIDS 2018 Amsterdam

New analyser for polymer and protein characterisation

High-performance tool for studying synthetic and natural polymers in solution as well as investigating protein aggregation and complex...

Exosome isolation manufacturing and characterisation

A new exosome isolation, manufacturing and characterisation service will enable R&D groups to accelerate their discovery activities

AFM case study

The University of Basel Nano Imaging Lab uses JPK's NanoWizard 4 to provide flexible SPM services

Streak/framing camera provides insight into nano events

Ultra-fast camera systems offer scientists unique abilities

Robot chemist discovers new molecules and reactions

AI-driven chemistry could revolutionise the ways molecules are discovered

Augmented microscopy platform demonstrated

Jenoptik collaborated with Google on microscopy technology to assist pathologists in detecting cancer with deep learning

Analysing microstructural changes of ice cream

3D X-ray tomography scoops up information about ice cream microstructure

Putting super-resolution within reach of non-specialists

Evanescent waves hold the key to high precision and reproducibility in 3D-SMLM

Scalable data storage solution

Labfolder and NEC announce smart data storage solution for research organisations

First MRI system for Hawaii

MR Solutions installs Hawaii's first preclinical MRI imaging system

Leading Alzheimer's scientist joins NeuroCog Trials

Dr. Kathleen Anne Welsh-Bohmer joins NCT to advance new technology

Researchers reveal structure of common herpes virus

Nobel prize winning technology reveals common herpes virus structure

Partnership to develop cancer immunotherapies

Immatics Enters into a Strategic Partnership with Genmab



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