Soy offers cancer protection

A compound found in soybeans almost completely prevented the spread of human prostate cancer in mice, according to a recent study.

ADHD and eating disorders

Girls with ADHD stand a substantially greater risk of developing eating disorders in adolescence than girls without it.

Atherosclerosis protection

Scientists have identified the genes that bring about the reduction of "bad cholesterol" in the blood.

Faecal blood loss with aspirin

Faecal blood loss has been measured using autologous erythrocytes labelled with radioactive chromium for several decades, using generally similar methods.

Ibuprofen negates aspirin

Stroke patients who use ibuprofen for arthritis pain or other conditions undermine aspirin's ability to act as an anti-platelet agent.

Artificial butter harmful

A new study shows that exposure to a chemical called diacetyl, a component of artificial butter flavouring, can be harmful to the nose and...

Colds and ear infection

A new five-year study confirms the suspected close link between the two most common diseases of young children: colds and ear infections.

Human heart development slower than other mammals

The walls of the human heart are a disorganised jumble of tissue until relatively late in pregnancy, despite having the shape of a fully...

Roller bottles for cell culture production

Thermo Scientific Nunc Roller Bottles offer wider choice of materials and surface treatments

Invasion threats to avocados

An entomologist is in Peru until the end of July 2010 to look for known avocado pests, in particular, the avocado seed moth, Stenoma...

Understanding bacterial defence mechanisms

Scientists have combined chemistry and biology research techniques to explain how certain bacteria grow structures on their surfaces that...

Safe alternative to sulfur dioxide

Researchers have developed and tested an effective new technique that combines hot water treatment, rachis removal, and modified atmosphere...

Americans smarter than English, intelligence study

Researchers have carried out the first international comparison of cognitive function in nationally representative samples of older adults...

Prebiotics: chicory inulin and oligofructose ready to boom

Traditionally in dairy products, in combination or not with probiotics, prebiotics have found their way into the broad nutritional and...

Monitoring carbon dioxide and oxygen in fermentation processes

Fermentation is commonly used for a variety of pharmaceutical production processes, such as the production of recombinant therapeutic proteins in yeast and the biotransformation of chemical drug intermediates to reduce the feedstock to the...

Bread improvers: it's all a matter of dispensing dosage quantities

From time immemorial the quality of bakery products has been influenced by the combination of raw materials, the baking process and the professional skills of the baker. In each of these areas a steady development can be observed. Ralf...

Impingement: freezing technology for speed, safety and quality

Frigoscandia Equipment developed impingement technology for flat products in 1994 as a way of delivering the same speed and quality as cryogenic freezing but at half the cost. By 2001, the technology had already been adopted for more than...

Importance of printed materials in branding of packaging and labelling

A brand can be defined as a collection of perceptions in the mind of the consumer. Brands offer the consumer something more than just the tangible product. They make people feel secure, accepted, and in a better state of mind than before...

The new cleaners ­hygiene products are now based on biotechnology

The development of biotechnology-based cleaners is helping to clean up the world in more ways than one. Not only are these cleaners often more effective than their traditional counterparts, but they are safer to dispose of, less aggressive...

Drink your way to health as the antioxidants in tea cut free radicals

For centuries, people have attributed many favourable benefits to tea. Today, their assumptions are being confirmed as research shows that drinking tea can help prevent certain diseases. This arises from the antioxidants found in tea...



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