Stem Cell Community Day

Eppendorf Hosts Second Stem Cell Community Day in Duesseldorf

New centre for Biohybrid Medical Systems

Aachen University's new centre adopts digital data management approach

Freeze drying protection innovation

Lyophilisation - protection without cross-contamination or flyout

Accuracy and consistency in stem cell culture

Jan Barghaan discusses the role of optics, technology and software in stem cell culture

Off-target testing assays

Samuel Altun & Teodor Aastrup on mapping the off-target interactions of therapeutic protein products

Isogenic panels of neuronal iPSC derivatives

New range of induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) derived neural stem cells (NSCs)

Barcode scanner for liquid handling systems

Compact scanner design for easy integration with laboratory automation systems

New approach to drug manufacturing

Chemical 'ŒMP3 player' breakthrough converts digital code into pharmaceuticals

Retrovirus research progress

JPK reports on research using its NanoWizard Ultra Speed AFM

Off-axis mirrors for intense laser interaction studies

Optical Surfaces receives order for three off-axis parabolic mirrors

Breakthrough in understanding cells’ energy supply

New discovery into cells’ energy supply could lead to targeted cancer treatment

Tailor-made microreactor

'Printed' micro flow reader for chemical synthesis

AI research announcement

Life-like protocells with unpredictable complexity tamed by artificial intelligence

Chief scientific officer appointed

Lhasa appoints Dr Richard Williams as CSO

New upright microscopes

Fast imaging speed for life sciences applications

Lab plays key role in cancer detection research

University laboratory at Discovery Park, Sandwich, Kent is playing key role in early cancer detection research

UV dechlorination system ensures safe kidney dialysis

Hanovia system helps ensure clean kidney dialysis treatment

Solutions for correlative microscopy

Imaris 9.1 and Imaris Stitcher revolutionises in the visualisation of complex microscopy datasets

Precision positioning products

Elliot Scientific introduces Siskiyou precision positioning products

Low-cost 3D printed reactors

Reactors for continuous flow synthesis




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