Processing Equipment

Dosing, diluting and dispensing

Systec Mediapump is also particularly suitable for filling petri dishes with hot and viscous media

Bespoke filtration equipment

Enables pharmaceutical manufacturer to deliver critical drugs to a leading children’s hospital

Efficient scale-up of challenging batch processes

FlowSyn is a compact integrated continuous flow reactor system


Guide to peristaltic pumps

Integra has published a ‘How-It-Works’ guide to explain the benefits of using a peristaltic pump for pumping and dispensing a wide...

High-performance grinding down into the nano range

Safe and easy operation with reproducible, user-independent clamping at any time – without screwing or other manual fastening

Vibrating fork switch

Brings reliable level monitoring to demanding hygienic applications

Bi-layer and effervescent tablets

Two large, standard fill shoe modules allow efficient filling of the die with different powders

Flowmeters for critical applications

Flow measurement solutions in food and drink, laboratory, medical and pharmaceuticals

A softer touch

New, gentle approach to tablet conveying introduced. piGentle adapts the conveying speed to suit individual products

Quality by design in tableting

Charles N Kettler presents some considerations for oral solid dosage

The hot topic in pharma manufacturing

Continuous processing will require a change in mindset for controls and automation, explains Dr Hubertus Rehbaum

From R&D into production

Gerd Hüffmann reveals how a compaction simulator can deliver a realistic tableting scale up

The advantage of being small

High-resolution positioning systems in miniaturised design. By Steffen Arnold

Tableting technology focuses on novel coatings and continuous processes

Advances in tableting technology include new formulated film coatings, novel capsule designs, and cost-saving continuous processing. Sean...

Microplate reader technology on display at trade show

BMG Labtech will use the SLAS 2015 event to showcase the latest advances in microplate readers




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