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Plant wars

Studies have shown that plants can sense attacks by pathogens and activate their defences. Recent research shows how.

Concerns with Biofuels

Unless principles and standards for production are developed and implemented, certain biofuels will cause severe environmental impacts and reduce biodiversity.

Promising new nanotechnology

Researchers have shown that a new nano-engineered gel inhibits the formation of scar tissue at the injury site and enables the severed spinal cord fibres to regenerate and grow.

Provoking sleepwalking

Sleepwalkers are advised to keep a regular bedtime to avoid unwanted evening strolls, according to research from the Université de Montréal.

Water benefits questioned

A recent look at what is known about the health effects of drinking water reveals that most supposed benefits are not backed by solid evidence.

Fungal multidrug resistance

Researchers have identified a mechanism controlling multidrug resistance in fungi and could help advance treatments for opportunistic fungal infections.

Stress response variability

Inherited variations in the amount of an innate anxiety-reducing molecule help explain why some people can withstand stress better than others.

Alcohol damages DNA

Reshaping of the DNA scaffolding that supports and controls the expression of genes in the brain may play a major role in the alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

Algae, hydrogen link

Scientists are working to chemically manipulate algae for production of the next generation of renewable fuels - hydrogen gas.

New HIV/AIDS vaccine trial

A phase 1 clinical trial to test a HIV/AIDS vaccine aims at overcoming the problem of preexisting immunity to common vaccine vectors.

Mitosis gets harder

A biological process taught to every pupil studying GCSE science has just become a little more complicated thanks to a new discovery.

Stem cell breakthrough

Researchers discovered a new method of creating stem cells that could lead to possible cures for devastating diseases including spinal cord injury, macular degeneration, diabetes and Parkinson's disease.

Sexual dissatisfaction

Researchers found no increase in cardiovascular disease among postmenopausal female subjects who were dissatisfied with their sexual activity.

Influence of the irrelevant

Can the irrelevant image of an alluring female posing by the merchandise actually encourage a heterosexual man to purchase it?

Working Memory

A new study by researchers shows how our very short-term "working memory," which allows the brain to stitch together sensory information, operates.

Nano-sized technology

Anyone facing chemotherapy would welcome an advance promising to dramatically reduce their dose of these often harsh drugs. Is nanotech the key?

Virulence gene superfamily

A research team has identified an enormous superfamily of pathogen genes involved in the infection of plants.

Lung cancer gene

In a large, multi-institutional study, researchers have found one gene variant that is linked to an increased risk of lung cancer.

Natural trans fats benefits

A diet with enriched levels of trans vaccenic acid (VA) can reduce risk factors associated with heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

Dangerous fungus identified

Scientists have provided the first description of a fungus responsible for the wilt of redbay trees along the coasts of the US.


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