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Bacteria anticipate changes

A new study by Princeton University researchers shows for the first time that bacteria don't just react to changes in their surroundings -- they anticipate and prepare for them.

Protons partnering neutrons

Fast-moving protons are much more likely to pair up with fast-moving neutrons than with other protons in the nuclei of atoms, according to a recent experiment.

Psychosocial issues and AIDS

Psychosocial influences such as stress have been neglected in biomedical and treatment studies involving people infected with HIV, yet they are now known to have significant health impacts.

Walking for health

A new study shows that a variety of interventions designed to promote walking can effectively motivate individuals to initiate walking behaviours.

Harnessing the power of light

Princeton engineers have invented an affordable technique that uses lasers and plastic beads to create the ultra-small features that are needed for new generations of microchips.

Stress early, allergies later

Stress events during childhood are increasingly suspected of playing a role in the later development of asthma, allergic skin disorders, or allergic sensitisations.

Image of the Day: The killer bird

The Nazca booby, a Galápagos Island seabird, emerges from its shell ready to kill its brother or sister. Scientists suspect hormones cause its murderous urges.

Lost in the Supermarket?

Most people don't think twice as they pass spring apples from the southern hemisphere as they enter the supermarket, but they are participating in a cheap food revolution that has swept the industrialised world over the past couple of generations.

Clues in the primate brain

Researchers have determined that there are hundreds of biological differences between the sexes when it comes to gene expression in the cerebral cortex of humans and other primates.

Benzene analogue

Researchers have successfully synthesised and structurally characterised boron-nitrogen compounds that are isoelectronic and isostructural to benzene.

Marine snail memory insights

UCLA cellular neuroscientists are providing new insights into the mechanisms that underlie long-term memory - research with the potential to treat long-term memory disorders.

Revealing mutations in yeast

Yeast, a model organism heavily relied upon for studying basic biological processes, mutates in a distinctly different pattern than other model organisms.

Surviving food shortages

Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi is unique because it captures most of its carbon dioxide at night when the air is cooler and more humid.

Combatting leukaemia

Researchers have shown that patients with chronic myelogenous leukaemia may be cured of the disease with an optimally timed cancer vaccine.

Same drug, different results

Medicine has moved a little bit closer to the era of tailor-made treatments, based on the unique genetic profiles of individual patients, according to recent research.

Bitter orange SRMs

Scientists have developed Standard Reference Materials (SRMs) for bitter orange, long used in folk medicine and now increasingly used in herbal weight-loss products.

Plan properly for autoclave positioning and installation

When planning and designing a laboratory the task of positioning or repositioning a Laboratory Autoclave can be at either end of the 'easy-impossible' scale. Tony Collins discusses the problems of autoclave positioning and installation.

New device reliably couples gas chromatography columns

Once again, the major equipment suppliers have chosen Pittcon to launch their latest innovations. Sean Ottewell looks at some of the best in show.

Treating autoimmune disease

In autoimmune diseases, the immune system turns against the body's own tissues and organs, wreaking havoc and destruction for no apparent reason.

A sweet solution behind success

Looking for solutions in processing cocoa, nuts or chocolate? At Interpack 08, Dusseldorf, Germany, 24th to 30th April, Buhler AG is demonstrating decorating or mixing complex suspensions, operating laboratory scale machines or high-end industrial equipment.





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