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Temperature control without refrigerant

Ultra-compact laboratory chiller without refrigerants.

Expanded Covid-19 testing

Isohelix and Precision Genetics partner to expand Covid-19 testing using saliva collection technology

Exosome purification kit launched

Cell Guidance Systems introduces Exo-spin 96 exosome purification kit

The virus behind Covid-19

From 0 to 60 in six months… the unmasking of the virus behind Covid-19

High-resolution HLA-typed primary cell lots

Lonza announces broad selection of HLA-typed primary cell lots to support biologic drug research

Fluorescence live-cell imager launched

CytoSmart Technologies announces the launch of its first fluorescence live-cell imager, Lux3 FL

Possible cure for COPD

Promising therapeutic approach against COPD

New microplate

Optimised microplate for SARS-CoV-2 nucleic acid purification

Digital platform for clinical trials

Dublin-based start-up launches Wirano, a global digital platform for organising clinical trials

More infections than reported

New study demonstrates importance of large-scale SARS-CoV-2 antibody screenings

New sample collection kit

EKF launches PrimeStore MTM pathogenic sample collection and transportation kit

NMR spectrometer for National Research Facility

Bruker’s 1GHz solid-state NMR spectrometer to advance UK high-field solid-state NMR National Research Facility hosted at University of Warwick

Improving survival in sepsis

Chelation Partners’ preclinical anti-infective polymer improves survival in bacterial sepsis

New functionality for LIMS

SampleManager LIMS software 12.3 drives operational efficiencies, improved cross-collaboration and quicker, more informed decision making

Novel approach to imaging

Innovative medical imaging approach unlocks potential for improved diagnosis and interventions

Optimising lab workflows

Sakura Finetek Europe launches Tissue-Tek SmartConnect, a new chapter in automation

Chemicals: let’s get going

Chemicals companies are being urged to get going on key actions as the UK counts down to its new trading relationship with the EU after 31 December

Reducing Covid-19 detection times

Laboratory-on-a-chip’ devices could dramatically reduce Covid-19 detection times

Antibody development service announced

Custom recombinant monoclonal antibody development service

New products for use in Covid-19 testing

Atik Cameras develops new solutions for use with qPCR instruments for accurate, reliable Covid-19 testing


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