Single-use cleaning brushes for endoscope reprocessing

10th July 2017

Posted By Paul Boughton

The new Pentax Medical Profile single-use cleaning brushes

Pentax Medical Europe announces the launch of Profile single-use cleaning brushes for endoscope reprocessing to the EMEA market.

This range of disposable brushes has been designed to meet the high standards expected of Pentax Medical, with a focus on patient safety and hygiene.

In addition to its high quality endoscope offerings, Pentax Medical is committed to providing a complete and hygienic solution for endoscopy that also includes hygiene consumables, accessories, and tools for advanced therapy.

The new Profile single-use brushes have been extensively tested in combination with Pentax Medical endoscopes to meet the strict standards of the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) and FDA’s 2015 Final Guidance on Reprocessing Reusable Medical Devices.

When used according to the Instructions for Use for the brush and the scope reprocessing, we are confident that the new single-use brushes help deliver reliable reprocessing results and enhance the performance of Pentax Medical endoscopes.

Designed exclusively for Pentax Medical endoscopes, the use of these dedicated brushes supports compliance with Pentax Medical Instructions for Use and recommended reprocessing practices, according to guidelines issued by gastroenterology associations around the globe.

ESGE and ESGENA guidelines recommend a switch from reusable to disposable brushes to allow for maximum effectiveness of cleaning and to avoid tissue carryover1.

The full portfolio of Profile single-use cleaning brushes from Pentax Medical includes nine different priced models, exclusively designed to cover most of Pentax Medical’s endoscopes.

The range includes six long channel brushes and three short channel brushes. A pull-through technique takes advantage of the bristles located at one end of the brushes to facilitate proper and complete cleaning.


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