Novel UV-visible detector for in-line flow chemistry

Flow-UV detector allows dispersion experiments to be monitored in real time

Raman spectroscopy for process monitoring

Karen Esmonde- White reveals fibre optic sampling probe considerations for in-process quantitative Raman spectroscopy

New gas solution for MS applications

For labs using evaporative light scattering detector instruments and compact mass spectrometers

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High resolution and sensitivity in one

For demanding applications including fluorescence, Raman, absorption

New ICP-OES analyser with powerful generator

Generator brings a new level of performance to routine laboratory analysis in industrial and environmental applications

Raman spectroscopy substrates launched

Applications range from detection of explosives and narcotics to food safety

New ultra-high performance spectrometer

Incorporates enlarged molybdenum mass filter rods of 20mm diameter to give ultra-high mass resolution

Lab and beyond

Geoff Harper reports on the burgeoning applications of MS and GC in narcotics and explosives detection

Benchtop Raman imaging system

Renishaw's new RA802 Pharmaceutical Analyser speeds up the analysis of tablet composition and structure

Gas composition measurement in aqueous media

A fine membrane separates the aqueous media from the mass spectrometer sample intake

Advanced ED-XRF performance

Dirk Wissmann explains how the latest innovations can deliver WD-XRF performance at an ED price

Raman’s role in the production line

Karen Esmonde-White on Raman spectroscopy as a process analytical technology for batch or continuous manufacturing

Compliance to new Raman standards aids pharmaceutical industry

Rigorous regulatory requirements has contributed to the increasing adoption of handheld Raman for raw material identification

Simultaneous imaging, mechanical and spectroscopy measurements

JPK’s NanoWizard AFM system is being used for cell studies in the Research Centre for Nanometer-scale Science & Advanced Materials at the...

New Raman calibration standards

Progeny 1064nm handheld Raman analyser fully compliant with EP 2.2.48

Infra-red spectrometer ‘engine’ for developers

Si-Ware Systems launches volume NeoSpectra sensor for material analysis

Routine purity assessment and reaction monitoring

Magritek expand benchtop NMR capabilities with 31P Phosphorus system

Spectrophotometers supplied for new teaching labs

DeNovix Inc announces that Queensland University of Technology has adopted the DS-11 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer for undergraduate teaching

Accurate measurement of microscope illumination

The LumaSpec LS800S is capable of analysing the output from a wide variety of light sources

XRD for analysing powders

Fast phase analysis of powders by X-ray diffraction. By Robert C Tisdale



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