Process Technology

Scalable tableting robot

Can be utilised not only for R&D projects but also to optimise existing processes

Mixing and sub-micron degassing in 20 litre quantities

Areas of use for the Thinky ARV-10K include pharmaceutical formulation

The merits of multi-tip punches

Robert Sedlock presents a case study on multi-tip punches and their impact on compression forces

Latest Videos

NASA: Building the ISS in UE4 | Project Spotlight | Unreal EngineMixed reality space station helps NASA develop tools and train astronauts
CLIQS 1D 21 CFRGel electrophoresis: aiding compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11
TrueSurface – The Original Topographic Raman Imaging System, RedefinedProfilometer-guided Raman imaging
A novel and intuitive operating concept revolutionizes Raman imagingIntuitive operating concept for Raman imaging
AATI Fragment AnalyzerAutomated nucleic acid sample prep
Introducing MGP ImagingDental digital imaging
Rotronic Monitoring System RMSRotronic Monitoring System
SpotMapAnalysis of two-dimensional Western blots
IRB Barcelona: Targeting metastasis-initiating cells through the fatty acid receptor CD36Targeting metastasis-initiating cells through the fatty acid receptor CD36
How to Build an AutoclaveHow to build an autoclave

A cool tablet press

Gerd Hüffmann presents an ideal tool for the compression of heat-sensitive products

Flexible fluidised bed processes

Henning Falck presents a new concept for fluidised bed processes in scale-up and pilot applications

Continuous manufacturing advances

Richard Steiner reports on the changing face of drug development and production

Reducing risk of contamination on the outside of vials

Importance of using external washers to remove particles from the outside of vials

Exhaust trap for lab vacuum pumps

Traps additional vapours escaping from rotary evaporators ensuring a greener and more 'worker safe' environment

Off the record

Lee Sullivan on the truth about data integrity in pharmaceutical manufacturing

Strict but supple – biopharmaceuticals manufacturing

Robert Harrison explains how industrial automation could change the future of the biopharmaceutical industry

Meeting the systems integration challenges of pharma manufacturing

Effective use of automation can deliver a host of benefits, including higher quality, increased reliability, lower manufacturing costs

Compaction simulator improves rotary press operation

Gerd Hueffmann reports on a successful upscaling exercise using a compaction simulator

Dependable preparation of food samples

Seward introduces the all new Seward Stomacher 400 EVO laboratory blender, together with Stomacher 400 ECO sample preparation bags

Assessing surface purity in clean process environments

An important aspect of controlling a production area is the cleanliness of technical surfaces. Contaminated surfaces pose a high risk of...

Hygienic pumping with more efficiency and less noise

Meets the most stringent requirements in a range of hygienic industries including pharmaceutical applications

Preparing pharmaceutical and medical technology for the future

In order to survive in a highly competitive market, companies also need to make sure that they increase their production effectiveness and...

Digital rate and totalising flowmeter

Titan Enterprises has announced the launch of the Pulsite Solo an affordable battery-powered rate and total flowmeter

Advances in high containment technologies

Camille Flores-Kilfoyle reports on a laboratory high containment filtration and drying facility

Ultrasonic flowmeter for laboratory testing

Designed to handle low flows from laminar to turbulent, and largely immune from viscosity, the Atrato ultrasonic flowmeter from Titan...

Measuring dust

Continuous inspection of incoming raw materials are a prerequisite for a consistently high quality of the end product



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