General Lab Products

Latest benchtop evaporator

Solvent removal made easy

Water purification gets connected

Internet connectivity added to laboratory water purification systems

Mobile data management for haemoglobin analyser

New data management smartphone application enhances DiaSpect Tm’s use for rapid, remote haemoglobin analysis

Latest Videos

Validating Hydrogen Peroxide Bio-Decontamination - the Easy WayValidating hydrogen peroxide bio-decontamination
AutoQuest 100 position HPLC and IC autosamplerLiquid chromatography autosampler
NTU research into 3D printing replica human bones‘Lifelike’ 3D printed spine to help train spinal surgeons
Product News: KISS® Cooling and heating circulators
Automatic colony counting from SynbiosisWalk-away system to count colonies on over 300 plates per hour
Ultra high speed imaging of fractureUltra high speed camera
NASA: Building the ISS in UE4 | Project Spotlight | Unreal EngineMixed reality space station helps NASA develop tools and train astronauts
CLIQS 1D 21 CFRGel electrophoresis: aiding compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11
TrueSurface – The Original Topographic Raman Imaging System, RedefinedProfilometer-guided Raman imaging
A novel and intuitive operating concept revolutionizes Raman imagingIntuitive operating concept for Raman imaging

Steam-in-place stability

Latest gaskets offer CIP stability for biotech applications

£200k metrology research project

Research project enables firearms and ammunition to achieve same degree of scientific accuracy as DNA

Microplate reader and washer duo

Absorbance reader and washer introduced

Control capability drives pharmaceutical pump selection

Control capability drives pump selection at Fidia Farmaceutici

Taking bioprocess execution solution to the Cloud

Latest E-WorkBook Cloud solution released

New inorganic elemental analysis instrumentation

Elementar launches innovative inorganic elemental analysis instrumentation to streamline testing processes

New spray drying technology

CDMO brings spray dryer online

A powerful duo

New technology that enables biochemical reactions to be monitored

Growing human stem cells

Laboratory in a bag developed by researchers

New microplate cap mats

Chemically resistant pierceable microplate cap mats

New stress test kits launched

Metabolism stress test kits introduced

New microbiology middleware solution

Technidata expands its microbiology offering

New stackable autoclaves

Stackable autoclaves from Priorclave give labs greater sterilising flexibility

Making a splash

Steve Mines reveals how new water purification units are helping a biology department to provide a vital resource at a low cost

Photography competition

International Images for Science 2017 competition open

Tiny clean air medical compressor

Vert Rotors creates smallest high-pressure clean air medical compressor



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