Food Science

Lab automation expert acquired

Seal Analytical acquires lab automation specialist

Characterisation of nanomaterials in foods

Case study on characterising nanomaterials in complex food sample matrices

Multi-scale analyser for ultrafine structures

With the "MAUS" to the front of nanometrology

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Analysis & Testing

Lab automation expert acquired

Lab automation expert acquired

Seal Analytical acquires lab automation specialist

LIMS Frequency Testing Helps Reduce The Costs Of Quality Testing

The Frequency (or Selective) Testing Module for the Matrix Gemini LIMS (Laboratory Information...

Expanding applications for stability chambers

Stability chambers are also used to test packaged food in sealed bags for moisture permeability


Measuring carbon down to the ppb level in aqueous matrices

Measuring carbon down to the ppb level in aqueous matrices

Suitable instrument for wastewater, drinking and surface water, ground water, sea water

DNA tests show 99% of MSC labelled seafood 'exactly what it says on pack'

Marine Stewardship Council certified seafood comes from fisheries which have been independently...

Using CHN microanalysis to determine soil health

Exeter Analytical reports on how its Model 440 CHN Microanalyser is being used to precisely...

Hygiene & Safety

Cleanroom robot launched

Cleanroom robot launched

Food-friendly robot introduced by Fanuc

Quantifying very toxic and carcinogenic mycotoxins

ToxiTrace erforms highly complex food safety tests

Ensuring waterborne pathogens are accurately and reproducibly identified

Chromogenic ID media software module for ISO 9308-1 compliant plates


Natural flour is rich in omega-3

Natural flour is rich in omega-3

LimaLin Gold improves the Limagrain Cereales Ingrédients ingredient range by increasing omega-3 in...

Low-sodium, MSG-free salt ingredient

Boosts flavour and saltiness in sauces with umami-essence sea salt

Omega-3 manufacturers rise to their challenge

Excellent quality and multiple separation technologies are the key to success for omega-3...

Health & Nutrition

Easing digestive comfort

Easing digestive comfort

Tolerase G is aimed at gluten sensitive consumers that follow a gluten-free diet or avoid eating...

Warding off food waste in the health sector

Philip Simpson explores the implications of wasting food, as well as how embracing recycling can...

High-potency turmeric extract

Combined treatment of curcumin and essential turmeric oils can provide superior protection from...

Process Technology

Steam-in-place stability

Steam-in-place stability

Latest gaskets offer CIP stability for biotech applications

Control capability drives pharmaceutical pump selection

Control capability drives pump selection at Fidia Farmaceutici

Multi-dosage approval for pharmaceutical firm

Saneca Pharma received confirmation of multi-dosage CGMP approval for Russia



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