From molars to canines: Discover dentistry with revolutionary digital course

The University of Sheffield is continuing to remove the barriers to higher education for people across the world with a new and exciting online dentistry course which is free and accessible to all.

Dreading pain can be worse than pain itself

Faced with inevitable pain, most people would choose to get it out of the way as soon as possible, according to a new study.

CWRU dental researchers discover how an oral bacterium can trigger colorectal cancer

Researchers from Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine have discovered how a common oral bacterium can contribute to colorectal cancer, a finding that opens promising new research avenues for the development of approaches to prevent and treat the disease.

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Mercury conference confronts contentious topics

One of the panel sessions at the ‘Mercury 2013’ International Conference in Edinburgh (28th July – 2nd Aug) “will be highly...

Futuristic dental training

Dental students at the University of Leeds Dental Institute will be the first in the UK to cut their teeth on new simulation technology,...

Rainforest remedy could spell end of dental pain

An ancient Incan toothache remedy - for centuries handed down among an indigenous people in the rainforests of Peru - could be on the cusp...

New research tool means more patient-focused treatments

Patients across England could benefit from an increase in the number of focused treatment studies, thanks to a new tool being used in health research.

Public to see impact of medical research funding

Europe’s largest store of open-access biomedical literature has joined forces with a leading online research outcomes system to connect research articles and grants with data on their impact.

Dental pulp stem cells transformed by ‘bad breath’ chemical

Japanese scientists have found that the odorous compound responsible for halitosis - otherwise known as bad breath - is ideal for harvesting stem cells taken from human dental pulp.

Dental plaque bacteria may trigger blood clots

Oral bacteria that escape into the bloodstream are able to cause blood clots and trigger life-threatening endocarditis. Further research could lead to new drugs to tackle infective heart disease, say scientists presenting their work at the...

$2 million for research into oral disease

A collaborative research project that could significantly improve our understanding of the role of Candida albicans in gum and jaw disease has been awarded $2 million by the US National Institutes for Health (NIH).

Decontamination Pod for dental practices

If your Dental Practice is short of space this might be your answer...its floor space takes up just 1.2 square metres! The Decontamination Pod has been designed with HTM 01-05 at the forefront. It is a revolutionary product, manufactured to...

Dental discovery to benefit forensic practitioners and anthropologists

Research shows that human milk teeth do not develop in the same way as adult permanent teeth. Forensic practitioners and anthropologists...

Preventing bacteria from falling in with the wrong crowd could help stop gum disease

Stripping some mouth bacteria of their access key to gangs of other pathogenic oral bacteria could help prevent gum disease and tooth loss. The study, published in the journal Microbiology suggests that this bacterial access key could be a...

Many young children off to poor start with dental health

Dental visits recommended to begin by age one, but new poll shows most children ages one-two have not received appropriate care

Beverages erode teeth

Researchers have warned people to beware of the damage that acidic beverages have on teeth. The damage associated with drinking sodas,...

Tooth gel: Healing power of aloe vera

The aloe vera plant has a long history of healing power. Its ability to heal burns and cuts and soothe pain has been documented as far back as the 10th century.

X-rays help predict permanent bone damage

Breast cancer patients, individuals at risk for osteoporosis and those undergoing certain types of bone cancer therapies often take drugs containing bisphosphonates.

Fluoride in drinking water cuts tooth decay in adults

An international study conducted by researchers at the University of Adelaide has resulted in the strongest evidence yet that fluoride in drinking water provides dental health benefits to adults.

3D Printing of dental restorations

No two people’s teeth are identical and the type and extent of tooth damage is unique to each individual, making bespoke manufacture of...



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