Multi-angle light scattering detector

Enables the precise calculation of the absolute molecular weight of proteins, natural and synthetic polymers

High throughput chemistry in microwave vials

Enables clean, safe synthesis without the hazards or problems associated with silicon oil baths or heating mantles

Determining chemical composition of tattoo ink nanoparticles

While some 12% of Europeans have tattoos, little is known about the long term effects of the chemicals in the inks

Latest Videos

NASA: Building the ISS in UE4 | Project Spotlight | Unreal EngineMixed reality space station helps NASA develop tools and train astronauts
CLIQS 1D 21 CFRGel electrophoresis: aiding compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11
TrueSurface – The Original Topographic Raman Imaging System, RedefinedProfilometer-guided Raman imaging
A novel and intuitive operating concept revolutionizes Raman imagingIntuitive operating concept for Raman imaging
AATI Fragment AnalyzerAutomated nucleic acid sample prep
Introducing MGP ImagingDental digital imaging
Rotronic Monitoring System RMSRotronic Monitoring System
SpotMapAnalysis of two-dimensional Western blots
IRB Barcelona: Targeting metastasis-initiating cells through the fatty acid receptor CD36Targeting metastasis-initiating cells through the fatty acid receptor CD36
How to Build an AutoclaveHow to build an autoclave

Improving safety and minimising set-up time for chemical syntheses

The Asynt CondenSyn Air Condenser has been extensively tested by researchers in the Cronin Group within the School of Chemistry at the...

More efficient mixing

Latest liquid and powder mixing solution announced by Alfa Laval

NMR solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

Bruker announces innovative NMR solutions for fragment-based drug discovery, pharma chemical processes and more

Loss-free grinding

The ultra-effective Fritsch Mini-Pill Pulverisette 23

New benchtop EPR system

Bruker launches the EMXnano high-performance system for benchtop EPR

Finely-tuned carrier design for improved gene therapy

Improved carrier design reported by researchers affiliated with Kawasaki INnovation Gateway at Skyfront, Japan

Global cleanroom technology market set to soar

New research shows that cleanroom technology sector will reach US$4.2 million by 2020

Cynthia A. Maryanoff to receive prestigious Perkin Medal

Internationally recognised expert in drug development to be honoured in Philadelphia

Planetary ball mills

High-performance all-rounders in routine laboratory work

New refrigerant leak detector

Omega announces its latest solution, a handheld leak detector for refrigerant blends

High-performance air condenser

New addition to product portfolio aimed at synthenic chemistry experiments

Entry-level manual CHN microanalysis system

Latest solution from Exeter Analytical provides 'no compromise' entry point into CHN analysis

Latest innovations to be showcased at ChemTECH event

Porvair using trade show to highlight its latest filtration solutions

Improving sub-ambient reaction reproducibility

Asynt's latest solution for performing multiple reactions in parallel

New style of safety workstation announced

Bigneat has launched Optiflow, a new safety workstation that ensure consistent airflow

New addition to pump modules

Vapourtec expands its R-Series product line's capabilities

New smart syringe pump

Smart pump system offers improved performance in assay applications



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