Cell Research

Bioreactor control system

AFC 928 makes use of micro-pumps that provide precise control down to 0.05 ml/hr, allowing users to incorporate syringe pump level feed rates into their control strategies without risk of contamination

Cell line models and media for difficult to culture tumour types

Directly derived from patient tumours without any genetic manipulation, these new products provide the assurance of primary cells with long-term reproducibility and scalability

Investigating cellular metabolism

Cellular metabolism involves a series of interconnected biochemical reactions catalysed by enzymes inside a cell

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SpotMapAnalysis of two-dimensional Western blots
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Kollicoat® MAE 100-55 – Dust free enteric release coating powderPharmaceutical enteric film coatings

Controlling the cryogenic cold chain for cellular therapies

my.Cryochain software platform enables standardisation and audit of remote freezing and thawing

High quality proteins for killer cell receptor research

Amsbio announces a suite of high quality proteins and biotinylated proteins for research into killer-cell immunoglobulin-like receptors

PRIME-XV mouse haematopoietic cell basal medium

Collaboration with stem cell researchers results in serum-free medium for mouse hematopoietic cell culture

Human endothelial progenitor cells

Bone marrow derived cells with properties similar to embryonic angioblasts

Organoid Culture Handbook

Organoids are organ-like structures that can be formed by 3D cell culture and differentiation of stem cells or organ progenitors

Research products for Wnt Signalling pathway investigations

Including recombinant proteins, stable reporter cell lines, polyclonal antibodies and ELISA assay kits

Single cell RNA-Seq system enables high speed encapsulation

Enables rapid, reproducible droplet encapsulation of individual cells, allowing up to 10,000 single cell libraries to be generated in one...

Chemically-defined, serum-free media

Irvine Scientific Introduces BalanCD HEK293 system for large-scale expression of proteins and viral vectors

Research tools for PD-1 checkpoint inhibitors

Therapeutic targets include a number of cancers, as well as multiple sclerosis, arthritis, lupus, and type I diabetes

Real-time Intracellular oxygen assay

Knowledge of cell oxygenation is therefore central to a detailed understanding of the cellular metabolic response to a particular treatment...

iPSC-derived astrocyte kits

Human cell culture specialists Axol Bioscience expand iPSC-derived cell range to include progenitor and mature astrocytes

Biocompatible graphene ink for printing of biosensors

Haydale were able to develop the required surface functionalised graphene ink that was gravure printed and implemented as a base biosensor...

Identification of potential biomarkers

Augusta University’s Department of Cellular Biology & Anatomy is studying exosomes using ZetaView from Particle Metrix

Scalable protocol to differentiate skeletal muscle cells from stem cells

New kit utilises a highly efficient media based protocol to produce skeletal muscle cells from stem cells in a simple, scalable manner

Storage ultra-low temperatures

First -70°C walk-in chamber offers opportunity to store biological, pharmaceutical and medical products at ultra-low temperatures

First -70°C walk-in chamber

Chamber offers opportunity to store biological, pharmaceutical and medical products at ultra-low temperatures

Automated cell culture system for production of complex cell lines

SelecT Mk5 offers the capability to optimise production of consistent quality cell lines for drug screening



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